The Natural Hair Bible


Welcome to my blog, The Natural Hair Bible. 

The purpose of this blog is to provide science-based information on how to grow and retain healthy hair. There’s  so much information on the web, and one of the hardest challenges that naturalistas face is trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve gone through hundreds of natural hair-care videos on YouTube, and honestly, I am appalled by the level of misinformation in the natural hair community. Some of the “experts” share misleading, under-researched information and share it as though it were fact.

I’m not here to bash anyone; I’m here to share my knowledge with the natural hair community in hopes that we can all grow healthy hair.  I’m also here to learn more about how we, as a the natural hair community, can encourage one another to embrace healthy hair-care routines.

And I know you’re probably wondering what qualifies me to address this subject –the science of natural hair. Well, I do have a strong background in chemistry and biology. Also, I’ve been natural most of my life (mainly because I grew up in a third-world country and couldn’t afford relaxer). I did, however, relax my hair when I relocated to the USA in a lame attempt to fit in and that will go down in history as one of the few things I regret. I then did my big chop in March of 2014 and grew my hair out until June of 2018. At the writing on this post, I’ve cut my hair twice since June.   I’ve since decided to start growing my hair out again. It is from this place that I’m ready to share tips as well as learn from others how I can grow and retain healthy hair.

My goal is to share well-researched articles and simplify the science of hair while explaining it in ways that the average non-science geek can understand. Ultimately, I pray this turns out to be the ultimate haircare reference for every naturalista… or anyone interested in healthy hair.


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